Take Better Pictures - Lesson 6

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We are taking a new direction today and getting out of the technical and moving on to the artistic part of photography. Like I mentioned in my last note, you are now going to be learning a few things about light.

Your next few lessons will be on "seeing" light and recognizing good opportunities for photos based on the lighting conditions.

Light Basics - Learning to SEE the light

Compare these two images. One is taken under sunny lighting conditions and the other under cloud cover. Look at the differences in the quality of light between the two.




Light also has direction. Typically in nature we only have one light source, the sun. On overcast days the direction of the light is harder to see. It seems to be coming from everywhere or nowhere.

If you are shooting indoors you can have window light or light from artificial sources like lamps. Window light is a great light source for portraits. Check out the example below taken near that huge window.

More on window light in the next lesson.

Look for clues in these photos

light sample 1

light sample 2

light sample 3

light sample 4

So, how did you do?

If you can see the quality and direction of light in existing photos, then you can train yourself to see light before you take your photos.

That is another key to taking better pictures!

Your homework this week:

Think about light. Look for light qualities in your own photos. Think about the following questions:

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